Where X = Rhetoric

What does it mean to be a scholar of x? Before I can answer this question, I suppose that I first have to solve for x. In my case, that might be easier said than done. It is easy to narrow my field, though. I have been interested in the act of public apology, but since I’m a scholar, that might need more heft, at least from an ethos standpoint. So, I suppose it would be easier to identify myself as a scholar of epideictic rhetoric. It’s interesting, because I actually got into epideictic rhetoric because of apology, but now that I’ve begun studying it, I have become more interested in epideictic more generally, even to the point where my interest in the broad field has surpassed (while still encapsulating) my interest in public apology. Over the course of this semester, I have found myself becoming more broadly versed in the various discussions being had about English studies, and believe that I have been able to fit myself in. My interest in epideictic rhetoric places me squarely into the field of rhetorical studies, but at the same time, seems to distance me from many of the Composition/Rhetoric scholars (at least those focused more on composition).

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