I went out to the swamp, because I’m a video game completionist, and I wanted to do everything possible in the area of Bree before moving onto a new area. So, I had some bugs to kill. I needed to kill “neeker-breekers” (?) and flies. As I was wandering around the swamps, I encountered some Goblins. This led to my accidental discovery of the following Deed:

“It is uncertain what Goblins think of Elves…” BUT KILL THEM ALL!

As best as I can tell, this is an ancient race war. I wasn’t sure that I wanted to participate in such a dubious enterprise, but a game is a game, and the reward was impressive (+5% damage to my bow!). I needed to kill 150 goblins. This wasn’t a big deal, because the goblins in this area were so very far below my level that they didn’t actually attack me. They just stood there and waited for me to kill them. Observe:

These Goblins don't know it, but they're already dead.
These Goblins don’t know it, but they’re already dead.

Some of these Goblins would actually start running away when I shot them with my first arrow, because they knew I was too much for them. This didn’t save them:

Not fast enough.
Not fast enough.

I’m blogging about this because it disturbed me. True, these are agents of an unspeakable evil, but it really demonstrates the pull between playing a game and acting in a moral way. It might have been more morally upright, from a chivalry standpoint, to find Golblins a bit closer to my level to fight. But slaughtering the little ones was so easy—and fast. I was able to kill 150 goblins in around 20 minutes—or one every few seconds. In games like this, time is money. There isn’t much of a chivalric code to be found in MMO’s.

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